In a shocking turn of events, Acemagic, a well-known Chinese manufacturer of mini PCs, is embroiled in a significant malware controversy. Despite issuing a public statement in February 2024 claiming to have resolved issues related to pre-installed malware, recent findings suggest otherwise. Popular tech YouTuber CyperCPU Tech discovered malware on an Acemagic PC sent to him for review, raising serious concerns about the company's product integrity and customer safety.

In his detailed video, CyperCPU Tech revealed that the Acemagic PC he received was infected with the Bladabindi backdoor trojan, a notorious malware known for its data-stealing capabilities. This discovery comes after Acemagic had assured customers that the malware issue was contained to an initial shipment and had been resolved in subsequent batches?.

The situation is further complicated by multiple reports from other users and tech reviewers who found similar malware on their Acemagic devices. The Redline malware, which steals sensitive data, was also detected on some machines. These revelations suggest that the problem may be more widespread than initially acknowledged by the company.

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Acemagic has attempted to mitigate the fallout by offering refunds, clean system images, and discounts on future purchases for affected customers. However, the company's explanations regarding the malware's presence have been inconsistent. Initially, they attributed the issue to software adjustments aimed at reducing boot times, but later statements hinted at possible unauthorized modifications by external parties?.

The tech community remains skeptical about Acemagic's commitment to cybersecurity. Many customers are advised to run thorough virus scans on their Acemagic PCs and consider reinstalling a clean version of Windows to ensure their systems are free from malicious software. This incident underscores the importance of vigilance when purchasing technology products, particularly from lesser-known manufacturers.

Acemagic's reputation has taken a significant hit due to this scandal, and it remains to be seen how the company will recover. For now, consumers are urged to exercise caution and stay informed about potential cybersecurity risks associated with their devices.

For further details, you can view CyperCPU Tech’s full video and refer to Acemagic's original statement and subsequent updates on their official website.