In a boost to Atlanta’s economy, PrizePicks, a prominent daily fantasy sports operator, has announced an ambitious expansion plan. The company is set to add 1,000 new jobs as it enlarges its headquarters in Atlanta. This expansion is a significant development for the city’s tech and sports sectors, indicating strong growth and investment in these industries.

PrizePicks’ decision to expand in Atlanta is driven by the city’s strategic advantages, including a skilled workforce, robust infrastructure, and a thriving business environment. The new jobs created will span various roles, from tech development to customer support, contributing to a diverse and dynamic workforce.

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Local government officials have welcomed the announcement, highlighting the positive impact on employment and economic activity. The expansion is expected to attract further investment and position Atlanta as a key hub for the fantasy sports industry.

This development aligns with broader efforts to stimulate economic growth and innovation in Atlanta. The city’s focus on fostering a conducive business environment is paying off, as evidenced by PrizePicks’ commitment to expanding its operations locally.

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